Kingman's First & Only Yoga Studio!
Kingman's First & Only Yoga Studio!

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Meet our highly dedicated staff who will do everything they can to make sure your visit is a pleasant one.

Vonda Neal ~ Owner


Vonda was first introduced to yoga by her friend who was also her personal trainer at the time back in 2005.  Her trainer handed her a dvd of Journey Into Power with Baron Baptiste.  She began practicing with the dvd at home and throughout the months that followed, her hunger and passion for yoga grew. 


"To this day I cannot put words to what has led me down this road to become a Certified Baptiste Teacher and Studio Owner.  Something deep inside me has moved me to share my love of yoga with everyone I meet.  I have personally experienced how yoga works from the inside out, learning how to listen with more clairity to not only my own body, but to my family and friends.  Yoga grounds me and brings to light how important each moment we have on this journey we call 'life' really is. ~ In Love & Light"

Alex Lemelin ~ Manager


As a young man Alex worked as a wildland fireman on Ruby Mountain Hotshots for Bureau of Land Management.  After 5 years of firefighting Alex decided to follow his passions of welding and entrepreneurship. He was hired at Bear Racecars as a welder and fabricator, while operating a successful small business on the side with a good friend.  

Physical fitness has always been a priority in his life, being involved in a car accident in 2014 he began searching for a way to heal his body.  Searching led him to True North, leading him to his 200-hour Teacher Training in 2016.  Alex has been teaching at the studio since Spring 2015.  


"Don't get lost in your pain, know that one day your pain will become your cure." 

~ Rumi

Carolina Allen ~ Teacher


Carolina Allen came from Guatemala 22 years ago.  Her intention was to visit the country, practice English, and go back to her life after a couple of months.  Instead she ended up meeting her amazing husband, John, in Kingman.  Together they have two beautiful teenage daughters.  Carolina has been physially active since she was a teenager and for a time was an aerobic instructor.  She lifted weights, did boot camp, and practiced yoga once in awhile with a DVD.


" wasn't until I took Vonda's class that I woke up to the wonderful world of yoga.  At the beginning my main motivation to practice was a way to get fit, very soon I realized how much deeper into your body, your heart and your soul yoga allows you to travel.  I want to practie yoga for the rest of my life.  It is wonderful to know that no matter how old, or what kind of physical condition we are in, we can do it.  A few months ago I suffered a back injury, and now yoga is helping me to rehabilitate my back with one pose at a time."


Skya Allen ~ Teacher


Skya Allen has been practicing yoga for just over 2 years, being introduced to the practice by her mom when she was only 14 years old.  Skya currently teaches the Kid's Yoga Classes, she loves sharing yoga with the younger kids creating a space for them to laugh and have fun while they receive all the wonderful benefits yoga has to offer.


"It was exciting for me to experience not only the physical benefits of yoga but also the mental benefits from my practice.  Being a student, I feel as if yoga not only helps me focus but to relieve stress so I can be a better student.  When I started doing yoga I never would have thought it would impact my life to this extent.  Now I find myself trying poses I wouldn't have thought possible before.  I love being a part of this community and watching everyone grow into their practice.  Not only do I get to watch the people I practice with grow but I am lucky to be able to share my love of yoga with children."


Jamie Scott ~ Teacher


After 10 years of practicing yoga, I found myself in a teacher training class, 200 hours later I was on my way.  Yoga is amazing because it is accessible to literally anyone and more importantly everyone can benefit from it both mentally and physically.  I practice it because I am passionate about good health.  We only get one vessel to live all of our days in so why not keep it in tip top shape?


Teaching allows me to help people reach their goals and improve their life.  I teach Vinyasa Flow and strive to make each class fun and challenging.  I tend to be a non conformist which shows up in my style of teaching.  While you won't get a lot of OM's from me or hear mush Sanskrit, you will laugh through the challenging poses, sweat (a lot), and hopefully leave lfeeling better than when you arrived.

Linda Mangelsdorf ~ Teacher


Hello!  My name is Linda Mangelsdorf.  I was born in Flagstaff and reared in Kingman.  I'm married to a wonderful man of 31 years.  We have two charming sons, one in dental school and the other in college.


I was reintroduced to yoga a couple of years ago.  After I took a few workshops and participated in the 40 Days to Transformation program, I really began to wake-up to the Present moment.  It was wondeful to arrive, and I'm excited to be a yoga teacher at True North Yoga.


Jasmine Marin ~ Teacher


Jasmine Marin has been practicing a variety of yoga styles since 2007.  In 2013, she received her ZFlow Power Vinyasa Flow Certification.  She teaches power vinyasa flow classes and loves hot yoga.  Outside of yoga, she is a full time sign language interpreter and CrossFitter.


Jasmine believes that yoga can help you improve all aspects of your life.  The physical practice improves physical flexibility and strength, and your mental stamina. Cultivating mindfulness through yoga can provide you with a sense of inner peace and accomplishment. She looks forward to seeing you on the mat!



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