Dog Training - Or People Training?

Lily (a beautiful mini husky) is almost a year old, her birthday is on October 19th. YES there will be a celebration on her day of birth - I am sure she will receive special snacks, attention and toys!

Puppy training began late June, the basic commands of sit, down, shake, stay…..well still working on that last one.

The trainings were set up for once a week, then life happens and before you know it a whole month has flown by. However, what I have begun to notice is that the human is the one being trained in these sessions. Lily learns the commands the first go around, while myself may take a week to implement them correctly while she smiles and runs around laughing on the inside at the human companion.

Repetition is key to so many things in life, and this is no exception. I miss days of working with her as instructed, then I diligently get the training gloves on and go to work. A few minutes go by and I am feeling all accomplished, as for now she has begun to listen more attentively - probably feeling a bit sad for the human who isn’t learning as quickly as she. Lily doesn’t give up on her human companions, she is full of love, play and patience as we continue to learn what to say, how to say it, when to give snacks and when to reward with praise. She teaches us all of her natural ways of being by simply being her beautiful awesome self. Probably a lesson in there for all us humans.

Shout out to our trainer, Emmali Burnside - if you are looking for a trainer for your pup you can reach her @ 928-303-3672.