‘Service’ Defined ~ Being in Action for Others

How do you define ‘service’?

The word can take on many meanings:

  • Service from a local utility company

  • Service received at a restaurant

  • Service on a vehicle or machine

For me the word has a much deeper meaning. If you happened to read my first EVER Blog - “Humble Beginnings” you may get an idea of what the word means to me.

In retrospect of my life up to this point I see a pattern in my way of being. While helping others I excel and strive to be the best I can be for them as well as for myself. I see it showing up when I was raising my boys, being there for a friend in need - in almost every facet of my life.

Being in action for others is empowering to us all, it challenges us to be the best we can be. As of October 1, 2018, True North Yoga celebrates 5 Years In Service to our community. This month we have the opportunity to reflect upon where we started, how we have all grown, and what our intentions are for the future of True North Yoga.

Being in action whether it is by sharing the practice of yoga, being an advocate for the underserved communities, supporting our local teachers and youth - True North Yoga is a force moving forward by being in action for others.

Join in on the fun and celebrate with us, everyone is welcome!

How do you define ‘service’? Share your comments below!