Self Sabotage Anyone?

How does self sabotage look? It can take on many forms, this blog is about our inner voice. Have you been asked to teach, share, be a team leader and feel the soft voice whispering inside your head that you may not be good enough or educated enough to be a Yes? Does doubt creep in to bring awareness around what you lack in order to be a success? Perhaps the feeling of having more training or education around what you are up to in life will make you the perfect candidate for the job.

I had the opportunity to participate in a year long leadership training with Baron Baptiste, with the FIT to Lead Program. The training was all about giving the participants tools to be leaders within their communities - which also extended to their personal lives and families. One of the nuggets I walked away with (and there are many) was we already know what we need to know.

This truth showed up for me recently as I was given the opportunity to facilitate the #Unstoppable Baptiste Yoga for Youth Program. Prior to the presentation, I asked the Baptiste Foundation if I could bring the program to my community - I decided to be a YES whether I ‘felt’ ready or not! I was putting myself out there in a position of facilitating a program made to share tools with any one who works with youth in the public sector. I am not a teacher outside of sharing yoga with my community, so this was a big leap for me!

The day came and there I was, in front of teachers and counselors who work with troubled youth day in and day out. As the program began my inner observer noticed I was not nervous, shy, frozen, not present - in fact it was the opposite. I was confident, excited to share the program and the day with those in attendance. Fully present to sharing the experience with them moment to moment. I may have thought I needed more guidance, more training - however I already knew what I needed to when the moment arose!

I am a seeker of trainings, to be the best version of myself so I can be of better service to humanity. However, I am beginning to have a change of perspective - that perhaps I have what I need already. To share my experience and knowledge with others is within my being right now!