Cultivating our Own Food….Experiment in Progress

Have you experimented with your own back yard garden? Creating the soil, planting the seeds, watching them sprout and then WHAM, from nowhere a bird sees a tasty meal. Or maybe the plants actually grow to be healthy and begin to form the fruits of your labor, so exciting to see - then just before harvest an aphid infestation? Ugh.

Personally, for me, the path of nutritional well being has many baby steps. First re-training my brain to see eating healthy as a good alternative, not as a jail sentence. Joining FaceBook groups who support the lectin free way of eating, to learn there are more types of baking flour than one could ever imagine! Taking the savings account down a notch to pick up these goods to put my best effort forward in creating a tasty treat - allowing for grace as there were many batches that just were not palatable.


Each baby step had and continues to have learning curves, this next step is a BIG experiment! Finding my grocery budget is extending beyond the budget lines I have decided to put my efforts into growing my own garden. A few months ago the vision of a greenhouse was forming, today there are tiny seeds sprouting in that very greenhouse. The goal is to ultimately have all the greens we love to eat growing - chard, carrots, spinach, beets, kale - as well as cauliflower and broccoli - with an herb garden as well! The vision is grand for sure, yet I am determined to make it happen. Did I mention there is a composter involved? Lots of learning to do.

I am finding that learning new ways of contributing to myself in healthy ways is a gift in and of itself.