When Chaos becomes Chaotic

This time of year with the holidays, shopping, family visits, traveling, and a multitude of other activities, chaos can become an everyday occurrence. Stress begins to build in our body tissues whether we are aware of it or not, then at some point when the holidays become chaotic we may find ourselves needing to take a deep breath to become grounded in the moment.

When I looked up the difference between chaos and chaotic I found that both have very similar definitions, however, chaos is a noun - complete disorder and confusion where chaotic is an adjective - in a state of complete confusion and disorder.

Through my life experiences I have found that my breath can lead me into a place of peacefulness when the world around me seems to be spinning 1000 miles an hour. While you are reading this blog I encourage you to stop reading and take a deep breath in (eyes open or closed) pause at the top of your inhale, then simply open your mouth and let the breath pour out of your lungs…….if you did this exercise how are you feeling? Try it again…..check in with yourself again - how are you feeling?


Through breathing I have found that my body can release some of the stress, and little by little as I continue to focus on my breath with long inhales and exhales I can almost feel the stress leaving my body. Physically my shoulders actually release away from my ears, my facial muscles become less tense as do my neck muscles. The holiday season has many blessings that come along next to the chaos, we can choose to breath through it or hold our breath and cling to the proverbial rope with white knuckles. Which, I’m not sure what good would come of the later choice.

There are a multitude of breathing exercises, a simple google search will show you many you can try out for yourself! Finding time to find peace during the moments of chaos during anytime of year, I believe, will benefit our health ten fold.