Humble Beginnings


Where to start?  Vonda (me) found yoga in 2005, my personal trainer at the time handed me Journey Into Power (dvd) by Baron Baptiste, and suggested I give it a try to help with my flexibility.   

My personal trainer became a close friend, we ventured out in 2006 to see Baron Baptiste in person - in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado - where we indulged in an All Day Immersion and were barely able to walk the next day.

Fast forward to 2010, my friend wanted to become a Certified Baptiste Teacher.  At this time I was really loving the experience of yoga and what it was bringing to my life not only through the physical poses but the meditation and self inquiry were intriguing to me.  As we headed off to Hilo, Hawaii (sounds exotic doesn't it?) we were so excited to have a whole week of boot camp style yoga with our teacher, Baron!  After a week in what we fondly called the 'plastic bubble' (a quonset style building they had so conveniently wrapped in what seemed like plastic wrap to keep our bodies even more wet with sweat) we were blessed to have the tsunami warning and were able to stay an extra day to recover before heading home.  The tsunami didn't happen, thankfully!

I was hooked, I began sharing yoga classes with my family and friends (a total of one girl friend and my oldest son at the time) followed up by heading to Level 2 in August of 2010.  I was headed towards becoming a 200 Hour Certified Baptiste Teacher.  

Through my 16 month process of becoming certified I found a mentor in Las Vegas, NV., Zeek Vincent.  Zeek is a Certified Baptiste Teacher and helped me navigate all the pieces to move towards my certification. When I began sharing yoga at the local Day Spa, Zeek supported me in building our community through specialized workshops. Eventually leading to him sharing his love of yoga in his own Teacher Training program - Zflow Power Yoga.

This 6 weekend intensive was presented during a very hot Arizona desert Summer with 9 participants - for the most part the entire yoga community in our town.  About 3 weeks from graduation Zeek mentioned the grads may want to teach.  Definitely took me by surprise, so I asked them…they said YES!  By the time graduation happened we had totally renovated a small downtown space from top to bottom, created a full schedule and opened our doors October 1, 2013.

Fast forward to 2018, we are celebrating 5 years in service to our community.  We have hosted four 200 Hour Certified Teacher Trainings with 34 graduates, we currently have 14 teachers and 30+ classes on our weekly schedule.  Stop in and say hello, we welcome you with open arms!