Does Meditation Have to Look a 'Certain' Way?

When I first started meditating, my body was - well - itchy!  My brain seemed to think even more than I could imagine, the body ached in the 'meditation' seat that I thought was THE way to sit and be still (meditate).  I didn't understand the purpose of taking the time out of my day to sit and do NOTHING - and those 5 minutes seemed like an eternity.

My experience was not finding peace nor enlightenment, only a LOT of discomfort.  

Today I have a daily meditation practice, yet it shows up very differently now.  After years of working on my 'quiet' time, I find myself meditating throughout the day.  Taking time to acknowledge the beauty all around me in nature, finding a peaceful moment to simply sit in gratitude, spending quality time with a friend and simply listening without adding to their story.  Most of my meditations are sitting in stillness with God, but being still isn't the only way to meditate.  

Some of the most profound moments of meditation, for me, has been in nature with my dog by my side, or alone, with loved ones, with friends - taking the time to disconnect from the world by truly 'being' in it is a beautiful thing.  It helps me to restore my soul, become more grounded, get real with what may be happening in my life in the present moment.  

If you have read to this point, take a moment to step outside - inhale deeply, pause, exhale slowly - repeat. Take this present moment to be in gratitude for this precious life. You are SO loved.


Lily (mini husky) is a great companion, always happy and willing to do anything she is asked - especially if there is a snack involved!