Through the Eyes of a Child...


The title of this blog can be perceived many ways, what I am referring to is our practice in yoga.  When seen through the eyes of a child your practice has the ability to be more playful, to be more in self discovery and it can free you up to take yourself more lightly.  

My personal experience with the asana (physical) side of the practice of yoga has been a journey. The first year was like a honeymoon, figuring out what the names of the poses were, learning new techniques, feeling and getting stronger.  I was hungry for the practice, if I didn't have time during the daylight hours I would set my alarm for 3:30am and step into my practice room before I woke the kids and began the day.  I cherished my time alone, on the mat, with only my thoughts - even when they were screaming at me for waking up so early!  The first year of practice I didn't miss ONE day.  

Then, the honeymoon was over.  The practice became a commitment to myself, a lifestyle I didn't want to give up.  A day without yoga seemed like punishment, although it didn't take me long to figure out a day of rest was a smart move.

My teacher, Baron Baptiste, would say - be childlike in your practice through playfulness.  Thinking on his words, I opened my eyes to see through the eyes of a child.  When life is good, they are so happy, in discovery, curiosity, JOY fills them up. When my personal practice becomes a checkmark on my To Do list - that is when mixing it up by being playful is like pushing a reset button.  SO WHAT if I fall out of a pose, SO WHAT if I dance in a pose, SO WHAT if I sing out loud at the top of my lungs?!  


Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, I would hope to encourage you to create a space for fun to happen - to laugh out loud - to cry - to scream - whatever it takes to simply relax and be in the moment while you are on the yoga mat.  Then, for whatever reason, when we step off of our mat and into the world we are better versions of ourselves and able to be in contribution to the world rather than in conflict with it.