Self Care…it's a 'real' thing!

What do you do for your self care?

Self care is a 'real' thing that I am finding completely necessary in order to be in service to humanity.  The picture with this post is a few years old, seems like a bit of a long minute to wait for another day to relax!  However, I'm sure I have had days with no appointments or To Do Lists, sometimes upon reflection it may seem like it has been years.

Today was a day that NOTHING was scheduled on my calendar, I had to check it a few times before I realized there was nothing forgotten - this was real.  For me cleaning and straightening up my home gives me time to simply be in the moment, so as I lingered in my pj's I managed to make a few days worth of green smoothies, wash the bedding, steam clean the floors (after Eufy vacuumed - which I will share was the BEST use of $200), did an amazing online yoga class with one of my favorite yogis, Kelly Heath, took a long shower, ate a giant salad and relaxed with some creative computer time.

Somehow, self care for me today was not having a schedule. I do have the occasional massages, hikes, jacuzzi times - but for me today simply meant being in my home.  Taking the time to reflect on what I have accomplished and what I am up to, this time has helped me to fully embrace the day!

What can you do to create a little self care for yourself?  Creating the space on our daily/weekly calendars is a great place to start!  Even if we don't have anything scheduled, creating the time for something or nothing at all is beneficial - something will unfold and you will be glad you had the time to be present for it.