How Do You Walk With Change In Your Life?

After I wrote the following, I hesitated to publish it. There is so much pain and suffering in this world. It is a hard life, but at the same time there is so much beauty to be seen and joy to be felt. I lean heavily on my faith to walk me through changes, and these past 3 years have been FULL. It is not a secret that I am a Christian and have an unending love for Jesus Christ. Without Him, moving through the changes would have been so much harder, Through Grace I am here to share with you that Love IS ALL WE NEED.

Do you walk with Change or do you avoid it? During my morning meditation (prayer time) my awareness went to the past 3 years of my life and how these years have been full of changes. Through change comes the opportunity to have a transformation, to walk through the experiences of change to grow and be a better person.

We all have change that happens, some times the changes are small while others are monumental. The list of life experiences is endless. It is in the moments of change and how we show up to be in them that can open doors for us to grow. Lost in a vicious cycle, my mind will tell me lies like “I’m not good enough”. Regret sets in and time continues to move forward while I remain stuck in the memories of the past. How, you may ask, do we get ‘unstuck’?

I don’t have the answers, but I can share what I have found from my experiences. When you hear the saying, ‘time heals all’, truthfully during those moments of change this is the last words of encouragement we may want to hear. In fact it may not even give a glimmer of hope when you may have just lost a loved one. However, time does seem to help. When pain and doubt, fear and worry, show up in the mind and body I am learning how to be with the emotions rather than numbing away from them. The pain feels real, so I allow the pain to move through me, bringing me to my knees at times. Then I remember to breath, get up and move through the day.

Our life experiences give us the opportunity to be there for others who are going through something similar. It allows us to hold space for them as they share their pain, worries and fears. Until we have had the experience we can only imagine what others are going through. But, when we have lived through a similar experience we are able to come fully to a place of understanding their pain.

Things I have done to move through and not stay stuck:

  • Journaling - simply writing down what’s on your mind

  • Meditation - many variations - all are wonderful

  • Exercise - can be a leisurely walk outside for 20 minutes a day, a restorative yoga class is nice

  • Dance - like no one is looking

  • Cry - let the tears roll

  • Scream - say what you want out loud as loud as you can if needed

Do your best. Know you are never alone. You are loved and your life has a purpose in this world.

Recommended books I have read and love:

Joyce Meyer’s ‘Healing the Soul of a Woman’

Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution