Green Soup?

Yes, green soup! It may not be appetizing to look at, but the taste makes up for the visual impact! This is a weekly staple in my diet, or at least I try to make it that often. Would love to hear your thoughts about this soup!

Green Soup Recipe


2 large yellow onions - sliced

1 head of cauliflower - riced or chopped into small pieces

1 bunch of green chard

32 ounces of spinach (same as 4 cups compacted)

3 cups water

4 cups vegetable broth

pinch of cayenne to taste

(Soup turns out a bit differently each time for me as the amount of cauliflower, chard and spinach vary slightly)

Items needed:

6 quart pot

1 skillet

Blender, food processor, or submersible blender

  1. Add some olive oil to your skillet and sauté the sliced onions on high for a couple of minutes, reducing the heat to simmer/low for 25 minutes or so. They will be ready when they have reduced down and turned a nice caramel color.

  2. Add 3 cups of water to your 6 quart pot, add the cauliflower and bring to a steady boil until cauliflower has softened. (about 10 minutes in boiling water)

  3. Rinse the chard and chop up into smaller pieces.

  4. Once the onions are completed add them to the cauliflower pot.

  5. Add the vegetable broth and chard, let the chard cook for about 10 minutes once the liquid begins to boil.

  6. Add the spinach and turn off the heat.

  7. Add cayenne to taste.

Once I get to this point I allow the soup to cool a little while, helps to make the blending process a little easier.  I have tried all variations of blending and have found the blender to be the best in creating a very smooth and creamy soup.

Please share your comments below.

Bon Appétit!